La danse du destin

Sarajevo, 12 ans après

Jasmine in the bunker during the bombing

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Jasmine, was eight or nine years old, when I met her in a bunker in Cengic Vila during spring 1994, where she was waiting for the bombing to stop, with the other children.
In 2006, there were no traces of the bunker in the area, but the guard of the school nearby there recognized the girl. Today she has a strong personality she is ambitious and speaks fluent English. Jasmine worked for an international organization on programs to assist children traumatized by war. She is very outspoken, very critical of the youth of her generation who, she says, do not dare to take any initiative and just think about “dolce vita”….
” In Sarajevo, a majority of young people got used to complaining about the situation: no job and therefore no way out. All they do is sit in cafés in front of their espressos while waiting passively for something to change…

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