La danse du destin

Sarajevo, 12 ans après

The Tram

Listen to testimony

Anisa and Almedina. During times of ceasefire children were playing the tramway game in the square in front of the National Library. The real tram had ceased to function right at the beginning of the siege.
From my research I discovered that these children were from peripheral neighbourhoods, displaced by the shelling.
Through schools, colleges, universities, I was able to find out that Anisa studied medicine and Almedina, agriculture. I asked them to return to the place where twelve year before they had played together; their former playmates has been invited as well. At the reunion there were some surprises. This was the first time Anisa and Almedina had met again after so many years and immersed themselves in their memories and stories.
Anisa : This crazy photographer went through primary school, high school, and went back up to the medical school where I study. He toured the city, just to find me!
Almedina : “Not that crazy, you know ! After all, we are back together after all these years. Who would have ever imagined?… 

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