La danse du destin

Sarajevo, 12 ans après

The Twins

Listen to testimony

Both twins Nadir and Faruk were very happy in 1 994 when, between curfews, they were allowed to go out with their grandmother. At the time, queuing for sugar and flour was an adventure for the two young boys, as it was for so many kids locked up at home by fearful parents. I walked around Bistrik Hill for one week before discovering that the two little boys are today teenagers. Aisha, their grandmother is gone, she had survived the bombing but has succumbed to age. The two boys are inseparable. Both are reserved, and they do not like to to speak about the past.
“My name is Faruk Telalovic. I study at the School of Medicine in the branch of physiotherapy. I remember my grandmother Aisha. She loved us, she cared for us, my twin brother, Nadir, and me. She took us outside between two bombings. I still remember the sound of bombs…..

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