La danse du destin

Sarajevo, 12 ans après

the young girl who played in a car carcass

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The place where I took the photo of the girl playing in a wrecked car behind the Holiday Inn was unrecognizable. The old ruined buildings had been demolished and new ones had taken their place. The whole environment had changed. I posted copies around the local area with a message that I was looking for the girl in the photo. The next day the girl’s mother called me and I did get to meet with Hana again. And I did not believe my eyes…
“I’m Hana Dapo. I’m surprised that you have managed to find me : just with this picture that my teacher saw. It’s true, I do not remember those moments but I remember that in times of cease-fire, I had fun in secret from my parents when I went to play with the carcasses of cars.   I just finished my studies at the Institute of Commercial Management, a business school. Now I want to specialize in marketing and hopefully I’ll become a great leader in the marketing industry. I am working hard to finish my studies and become the best in this area and find a job in a big company. But career is not everything in life: I want to wake up in the morning surrounded by people I love, have a family and my friends around me and help them realize their dreams.”

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