La danse du destin

Sarajevo, 12 ans après

Wounded in her body not in its heart

Listen to testimony

Amra seems much younger than twelve years ago, when she was injured on the front-line in Dobrinja and treated at the hospital located in the supermarket. She was sad, sitting and waiting for the doctor. However, this did not stop the people on the street recognizing her and tell me where she lived…
“I was born on April 28, 1962. I am a Taurus and you can feel and see that, isn’t it?I work at the Kosevo hospital. I am a nurse. I’m not married, something a bit strange here but not for me. I live with my mother, but I have my own apartment. I am a very independent woman. I’m interested in everything and nothing in life. I love travelling, I love coffee, I drink, I love to have fun, organize parties with my friends, live my life, that’s all… Life was good before the war. Today, I live well but not like before… I love travelling, I prefer the sea, I love my job, love my friends,
I was injured during the war. Here on this old photo twelve years ago I was at the clinic. Finally, it was not a true clinic, but a doctor had built a hospital with an operating room in the former supermarket; now it is a mall again. I am healed and I feel good. I’m happy because I still have my legs and arms. I am well. In brief, I’m happy. You can see this, right?”

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