La danse du destin

Sarajevo, 12 ans après

Chess Club Bosna

Listen to testimony

Sanja, Mersa and Ivana went almost every day to the Bosna Chess club during the war. It was a way to keep the children busy and away from the streets where the snipers aimed at them. But the three girls have grown up and given up playing, except for Sanja. Sanja, however, more motivated, continued to play high-level chess for a few years before going to university. Life has gone on. The three little girls have grown up and the chess pieces yellowed!
Sanja : Hi Ivana, we lost touch with each other since the days of the chess club. It’s been over 10 years. Both Mersa and you came to the club just because your parents wanted to keep you in a closed place, much safer than playing in the streets. For me, it was a real passion and I continued to play. I quit chess just five years ago, after I had won lots of competitions…

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