La danse du destin

Sarajevo, 12 ans après

Bistrik girls

Listen to testimony

The four little girls played carefree in the grass on the hill, away from the snipers. Today on the hills of the city the grass is high, nobody plays anymore in that field; by chance, I met an old woman who recognized Amra and Leila. They had returned to Grbavica where they had originally lived before the war, before it had become a Serbian enclave. I had looked for them in university and in various neighbourhoods, now refurbished.
Finally I found them. Amazed, they wanted to help me find the other two girls and, through the joint mobilization of their families and friends, after several days the group was once more united. 
But there is one thing surprises me: since that time the girls had not been in touch and the sisters didn’t even remember name them their wartime playmates. This has happened more than once, and shows up the limitation of a photograph, which is never more than a slice of life at a given time.
Elvira : I have completed my pharmacy studies. But I will go Law School. Tomorrow we will have the end of year party…
Merima and me, we’re happy to have found each other. Thanks to your picture and your research… we are all together, like… many years ago…

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