La danse du destin

Sarajevo, 12 ans après

Thanks to

I make a point of infinitely thanking all the inhabitants for Sarajevo and in particular Mustapha, Fathy, Damianka;
Afafe, Annabel, Amela, Yasmine, Fred, Mary, Luana, Sandra, Paola, Claudia, Iliana, Carol, Gianca, Guillaume, Hristina, Michela, Rossella, Guglielmo and all the others which voluntarily or not took part in this work.
I also make a point of thanking all the people who lent their voices for the doubling of the protagonists.
And Lonia for the web site;
This exposure received the support of SIG Geneve
The book was printed with the support of Republic and canton of Geneva .
And the Geneva City
And the City of Siena